Thursday, April 15, 2010 @ 4:57 PM By : ;

Welcome YockYen to the graphics site! :)
Note that we ARE NOT recruiting anymore!
Have enough members alrd.
Still, thanks to those who requested for Maker Application.
But, sorry, You're late. ):

I'm going to assign requests now.
There's so many requests. )):
Let's not make them wait any longer.
Okay let's start.

hanynn: Anyone. Angeline shall take this. DONE!
yin whei: Requested for Angeline/Jocelyn. DONE!
Vivian: Requested for Angeline/Jocelyn. DONE!
Nayo: Anyone : YockYen shall take this request. REJECTED!
Anthea: Anyone : I (Angeline) will help with this. DONE!
J :): Anyone : Yazreenah shall take this request.
Patricia: Anyone : Arissa shall take this request.
Caroline: Anyone. Yockyen shall take this request. DONE!
Catrena: Requested for Jocelyn. DONE!
Carina: Requested for Anna.
j.w megan: Requested for Anna.

To Makers : Go to 'Request' tab for more information on the request.