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Scroll down for more, thanks.

Idk why, i just felt like doing more. Lol.
Oh and anyway, i tried adding some words into the image. Dk if it's okay - In terms of looking nice, and all. P:

Request 54
Name: Melissa
Theme: Elmo! :D
Item: Banners
Quantity: 3
Maker: Anyone Yockyen

350x180 banners



Uhm, i tried my best finding at least 10 bases for this theme. But i couldn't find more than 6? ._. I'm sorry, lol.

Request 55
Name: Anis S
Theme: Heartbroken
Item: Banners
Quantity: 10
Maker: Anyone Yockyen

330x180 banners

350x180 banners

Resources: (If you want me to take down the images, pls leave me a tag in the cbox. Haha)

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