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Hey. :) I hope this is okay. I searched thru weheartit &, and could only find these images. I mean.. Others weren't nice, to me. Lol. :\
So yeah, here's your 9 banners and not 10. :X

Name: Eileen
Theme: Barbie
Item: Banners
Quantity: 10
Maker: Yazreenah/Yockyen

350x180 banners

Resources: (the current page 1 to the last page of the site)

The following urls were written 'cause i could open it in another page. Please get what i mean. LOL, 'cause idk how to say. But yeah. Who cares.

Name: C(:
Theme: Winnie The Pooh.
Item: Banners
Quantity: 3-5, heh. LOL.
Maker: Anyone Yockyen

350x180 banners


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